「ニュージーランドでつながる!ホストタウン連携プロジェクト<オンライン意見交換会 2021」 「New Zealand Host Town Collaboration Project <Online Meeting 2021」

「ニュージーランドでつながる!ホストタウン連携プロジェクト<オンライン意見交換会 2021」
「New Zealand Host Town Collaboration Project <Online Meeting 2021」


・タイトル:「New Zealand Host Town Collaboration Project <Online Meeting 2021>」

The goal behind the Host Town Project is to allow for municipalities in Japan and countries/regions participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to collaborate in a variety of fields such as sports, culture, and economics. The aim is to create friendships that will continue well beyond 2021.
Prior to the Tokyo Games, the Host Towns of Japan collaborated with New Zealanders through sports and culture, and during the Games, they took in Team New Zealand for training camps, further strengthening the bond between Japan and New Zealand.
The coming meeting will be about realizing a long-term friendship between New Zealand and Japan. People from the Japanese Host Towns of Team New Zealand will interact with New Zealanders in real-time to speak about past efforts and future plans for collaborations. Please visit the link below to watch.

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Title: New Zealand Host Town Collaboration Project

New Zeland Host Town Project


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